Low-cost spay/neuter & vaccinations

Safe Haven Clinic
5027 Spencer Road in Spencer
and 1514 N. Rockwell in OKC
Additional services including dentals for $89

OK Humane Place
6002 S. Western Ave in OKC
Additional services including wellness checkups

926 SW 4th in Moore

SW Veterinary Hospital
2225 NW 12th Ave in Norman

Yukon Pet Care Clinic
609 N. Mustang Rd in Yukon

PetVet Clinic (no vaccinations)
1215 E. Lockheed Dr in Midwest City

Best Friends of Pets
Leave your name & address. They will mail you an application.

Free pet food & free spay/neuter

OKC Animal Welfare
2811 SE 29th St. in OKC

Free pet food & supplies 

The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma
If you are at least 63 or a U.S. Veteran and all pets have been spayed/neutered, leave your name and address. We will mail you an application. If you are homeless, go to the Homeless Alliance Day Center located at 1724 NW 4th, OKC.

Tips and Advice

For pets having trouble eating dry food

The night before pet’s morning feeding, place dry food in a bowl and add just enough water so food gets wet. Place bowl in refrigerator. The dry food will plump up overnight and be easier to eat – plus will give your pet some extra moisture. Take bowl out of refrigerator and add some warm water or let stand to room temperature. Smash food into smaller pieces with a fork. Repeat this for the evening meal a few hours before feeding.

Healthy alternatives to treats

Frozen green beans – can be given frozen as a “popsicle treat” or thawed in the refrigerator. 100% canned pumpkin is good for their digestive system and is a great treat. Keep refrigerated and add to their food or place “dollops” on waxed paper and freeze. Another great “popsicle treat.”

We love helping you with your pets!