The third (3rd) Saturday of every month is designated as pet food distribution day, should this day fall on a holiday/holiday weekend a new distribution day will be identified and sent to all route drivers. The warehouse is open from 9-11 AM on distribution day.

Route drivers are assigned specific routes and provided a spreadsheet with the names, addresses, and contact information for those to whom they make deliveries. This information is provided to the route drivers approximately 7-14 days prior to the distribution day.

All route drivers participating in pet food distribution for pre-qualified clients will come to the warehouse to gather the items required for their specific route. These items will be found on shelves bearing the driver(s) name. Each driver(s) is encouraged to make certain the items on the shelf match in type (cat food, dog food, bags, cans, etc.) and quantity their spreadsheet indicates. Route drivers may also pick up (as available) treats, toys, and other items to take to their clients. Treats, toys, etc. are all donated items and not items purchased by the Pantry for clients – please use your judgment when supplying clients “extras”; when supplies are depleted the Pantry will rely on donations to replenish.

Route drivers should report any changes or concerns regarding clients and their pets to the Volunteer Coordinator. This information is important and will be addressed or placed in the client’s file. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify drivers of any/all changes that may affect their monthly route, prior to the next distribution.

It is the Route Drivers responsibility to find a substitute driver should they not be able to make delivery – an Alternate Route Driver list will be provided to all drivers in order to arrange a substitution. All drivers are asked to make delivery within one (1) week of picking up supplies on distribution day. Arrangements may be made with the Volunteer Coordinator/Warehouse Manager for early delivery should there be a schedule conflict; however, scheduling will be at the Warehouse Manager/Volunteer Coordinators’ availability.

Route drivers are encouraged to participate in a warehouse tour and orientation following completion of their volunteer application form and prior to being assigned a monthly route.

Warehouse Location: 1008 NW 82nd (North of Wilshire – East off Western Avenue)
Emergency Phone Number:  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Tami Golden, at (405) 408-9554 for any emergency.

The Pet Food Pantry is licensed and insured, which includes coverage for our volunteers/route drivers when participating in PFP activities.

To fill out a volunteer application to be a Route Driver, please click here!